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Exotic Aquatics Inc.

559 Mendel Ave.

Savannah, GA 31406

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About Us . . .

Exotic Aquatics began in 1989 with a passion and desire to gain as much knowledge as possible about

water gardening. Their journey started as a hobby and by late 1990 Brenda began to get phone calls to

consult on problems with ponds. Pet stores and nurseries referred clients to them because they did not understand pond ecology and the plants that went into them or the installation process of a pond.

Years of studying, reading, countless hours spent with experts and 20 years of field experience have

earned them the right to say that they are the most knowledgeable company in the Savannah area when

it comes to designing, installing, stocking, maintaining or repairing a pond, water garden or fountain. Brenda Sorrells has taken and passed a test from the National Pond Society Institute which earned her the title of

Master of Ponds. Brenda and her husband Tim are members of the IPPCA (International Professional Pond Companies Association) and have met all the criteria required by them to become a member, which included testing. Exotic Aquatics is now a Certified Professional Pond Contractor (CPPC) with the IPPCA. They stand behind the IPPCA mission To Promote, Protect and Advance the Pond & Waterscape Industry. Tim and

Brenda are both approved Firestone installers. They are also Easy Pro Certified Aquatic Specialists.

Exotic Aquatics designs both formal and informal ponds and water features. They fully understand and carry

out the installation and long term maintenance of any water feature and have extensive knowledge in all types

of pumps, filtration, water quality, water plants, Koi and goldfish.

They regularly attend trade shows, conferences and seminars to stay on top of the ever changing technology

as this industry grows. Thus, they never stop learning. Their love for every aspect of water gardening will

never waver. Tim and Brenda are personally involved in all phases of construction, and specialize in creating

a diverse array of designs to fit any situation.

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AFFILIATIONS (Click to link to each affiliation's website)

International Professional Pond Companies Assn.

The National Association of Pond Professionals

The International Waterlily and Watergarden Society

Water Gardeners International

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