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This is a photo of the before on Mr Sharp's pond

The pump and filter were not working and when they were, they were ineffecient because they were undersized. The tiny makeshift waterfall had hoses showing and was not very attractive at all. The flat rocks offered no sense of style or depth. The walkway stones were on a harsh bed of mortar and unlevel. The pond was overgrown with floating plants and the fish were not visible.

After photo of the same area. We enlarged the pond as much as possible to utilize the space at the entrance of the home. Using a skimmer, biofall and a UV we created a serene cascade of water which offers a wonderful sound that is heard inside the front window (a plus for the sight impared daughter). The pathway was torn out and replaced with a more natural look of sand between the stones. Caves were incorpoated in the pond so that the fish could hide from predators. Plants are placed in the rock work along the perimeter of the pond to naturalize the area and lilies were placed in the pond.

The entrance to the home is now inviting and pleasing not only to the eyes but to the ears as well!

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